“Wayward Boy meets Girl.” Cruise 2012 Digital Edition thumbnail image

“Wayward Boy meets Girl.” Cruise 2012 Digital Edition

Awww... love is in the air...

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“Let’s Play Love Pk 爱情”

MediaCorp Peeps came to Parco to film an online drama titled "Let's Play Love Pk 爱情". Check us out, we're featured in Episode 12! ...

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James Seah decked in our threads for Star Search 2011.

He's in Coupe Cousu's Navy Knotched Lapel Jacket with Ivory Piping, and our Placket Tie Shirt in Ivory (ASS11.S001) paired with Smiley Arse  3/4 Pants in Periwinkle (ASS11.P003)....

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Official Opening – Media Tea Party

Look here for images of the soiree. We had such a blast!!! This couldn't have been a success without, Chin Huei, Sabrina, Mokie, Jean dot Tan, Christalle, Alvin & Mabel, Xness, Noni, Eric, Richard, Fiona, Shumei, Ariel, Sherrine, Serene, Jeremy, Kenji, Jon ...

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“Wayward, eat your apples!” SS2011 Digital Edition thumbnail image

“Wayward, eat your apples!” SS2011 Digital Edition

More apples?

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7th of April – Soft Launch. We’re open for business…

This is a realllllllllllllllllly long thank you speech, read at your peril!

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One day to the launch…

Ironing, Steaming, Tagging, Wiping, Waiting, Packing, Counting, Sweeping, Sitting, Running...

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Pre-Launch Vino Partay!

It was Italian Night, from the vino to the grub!!! Much needed!

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2 Girls, Power Tools and a bag of crisps…

Renovation Day One, April's Fool. It was no joke... building from scratch...

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Wayward, eat your Apples! Campaign Shoot @ Lumina!

The man from nowhere and everywhere... A man who wears his clothes with confidence and style, he’s an actor, pen-salesman, juggler or maybe a grifter, a person you walk past on the street and you look back to see the beautiful clothes he’s wearing with style.

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