Art + Nature = A work of art


For all art-fanatic, Hakone Open-Air Museum will be the place to visit. There are numerous pieces of sculptures arranged harmoniously within the rolling hills, crowned by the cyan blue sky and clothed with the mountainous view. If God have created paradise on earth, this would be one of it.

The art museum features a wide range of exhibits from famous artists like Picasso and Henry Moore. There’re the Picasso Pavilion and 70,000m2 of rolling gardens with 120+ outdoors sculptures.

The Hakone Open-Air Museum has one of the world’s largest range of Henry Moore collections – all twenty-six pieces. Over 300 works by Picasso are on rotating displays, the collections range from a large assortment of ceramics, paintings, prints, sculptures, along with gold and silver items. A full day trip will be needed to cover the whole museum, when all the walking overwhelms you, there’s the footbath, which is fed by a natural hot spring to sooth your tiredness away. There’s also a small café for you to relax with a cup of hot coffee and drink in the nature scenery.

Before, you leave don’t forget to get some exclusive gifts from the museum shop – the button badges with features work of Picasso painting for ¥400 each are good presents for friends.

Travel Tips: Best way to Hakone from Tokyo is to take the Odakyu Odawara Line from Shinjuku station. There’s the Hakone limited express train, which runs twice an hour. At Odawara station you get on a smaller train to Hakone-Yumoto, where the train will circle up the rolling hills and the end of the 85mins ride you would feel that the journey had already began. View more photos of Hakone Open-Air Museum


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