Next Next Phenomena (Parco)

25 November 2010

It was a really long night of rehearsal, jazzing up the program, switching the sequence, getting a feel of the rundown and placements. However the elements were unforgiving and an originally planned full dress rehearsal was changed to a hanger rehearsal. Which by all means didn’t prepare us for the super sonic speed we need to dress the models, chaos that ensued when shoes and socks came flying off and all accessories needed to be chucked in one bag for safe-keeping; this is a lesson learnt.

26 November 2010

D-Day. The skies are not looking good.

Event companies have this little ritual of planting chillies around the event area to prevent the rain. True enough, we spotted an assistant who went around sprinkling chilli padi on all the surrounding bushes. I’m not sure how scientific this is but God was really gracious! Midday showers and clear skies all through the night.

In the program lineup, we teamed up with WanderWonder, as we were the only 2 menswear brand from the new batch, it only made sense to be dressers for each other.

Our shoes were also sponsored by them, do check them out. Personally, I own a pair in Green, they’re pretty dandy with cuffed pants and free extra coloured laces if you’re feeling adventurous!

And lastly, we would like to THANK all the peeps who came down to support our local designers!

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