Who is A.K.A Wayward?

A.K.A Wayard is your prodigal son that returns. It’s the story of a rebellious son who left his father’s house to roam the earth in search of that proverbial ‘IT.’ Unable to reconcile himself with his life, he felt trapped, unfulfilled and unrealised freedom. He simply could not be molded within the norms of society in general. He’s a master of adventure and disguise, constantly ‘masquerading’ as someone else in order to fit in. Proud and strong, he eventually squandered everything of value. The son realises the error of his ways, returns home. To his surprise, and the surprise of others, he’s welcomed, without question, by an elated and gracious father with open arms.

Most people identify with the prodigal son, we see ourselves as people who have come to our senses. People who wandered far from home, every now and then, got it together, and at last are back on the right track.

The underlying foundation of A.K.A Wayard, and its clothing line, is an extension of ‘his personality’ and encounters with people from different walks of life through ‘his adventures.’ When people are of one mind, they are supported in their purpose and are accepted despite their weaknesses. By purchasing “A.K.A Wayard,” consumers make a conscientious decision to become an integral member of a community.

The A.K.A Wayward customer is an individual who is ready for something new and loves to stand out from the crowd. He’s a man who dresses with confidence, he’s an actor, writer, painter or maybe a poet, a person you walk past on the street and you look back to see the beautiful clothes he’s wearing with style.

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