Wine and Dine Part 2

Vancouver is one of the only a few places in the world where you could ski a mountain, golf a course and sail the sea all in the same day.
It also has the mildest climate in Canada; a main reason why the city has acquired much of the country’s wealth of homeless.

Vancouver is amongst the largest film production centers in North America. It is second to LA in Television production & third behind LA and NYC in Feature film production. Much of this has to do with the mild, year-round climate, a diverse mix of locales and favourable tax concessions to the film industry. There are currently 3 film Studios (Lions Gate, Bridge and Paramount). Feature films are filmed here each year like the famed Twilight: New Moon, Legends of the Fall (1994), X2 (2003), Fantastic Four (2005) and many more.

One thing you will notice about Vancouver is the number of coffee shops. With your own laptop you’re pretty much set as many coffee shops provide internet access. Otherwise one place you can go is the downtown at Vancouver Public Library and get on a computer there.

Vancouver has always boasted an incredible range of ethnic cuisine from all over the world, including Mexican, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Indian, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Greek, and so on.  Check out this site for cool listings.


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