2 Girls, Power Tools and a bag of crisps…

Renovation Day One, April’s Fool.

This is the blank canvas where we’ll build our new “home” from scratch, literally.

The day started off with carrying all our tools, decor, supplies and necessities to Parco. We scheduled for all deliveries to come on the first day as we wanted to finish building over the weekend. Armed with just the smallest trolley we managed to transport all the wood and wine crates from the loading bay up to the 2nd Floor in several trips. That was really an experience! The delivery guys at the loading bay were imparting their pearls of wisdom unto us, giving us tips on how to load up on our miserably puny trolley.

Moving on to the marking of our “Roasting Spit” racks before the drilling starts. It is vital to get the specifications pat down as it minimises the compromises one might have to make in their design. However not everything will turn out perfect and it really helps when there are two hats in this project as we work well thinking on the spot bouncing ideas off each other.

All that drilling, screwing, stapling, removing of nails, filling up holes… was a nightmare, we went home with numb hands but all was worth it as we managed to complete all 3 racks and the foundation of the counter on Day One!!!

Renovation Day Two.

As the wine crates that were given to us by Wine Magnum were not of equal size, we had to play by ear. The wood for the lids we’ve ordered were taller by an inch! Sometimes mistakes can turn out to be a real gem. We couldn’t flush the counter as we designed but now the counter looks even better with its “Stacked” look. As for the rest of the crates which were significantly smaller, they’ll become “houses” for our accessories. No part was laid to waste.

Fixing a magnetic door closure was tougher than imagined as our crates were not exactly even and some of the wooden planks were warped too. The magnets do not kiss… that is really sad as we had to try it out countless of times! Totally spent after that…

After the counter was given a thumps up by our “head carpenter…”

…it was onto the Vinyl Stickers.

I had the idea that a huge-ass signage high up on the wall would look really neat. That also turned out to be a major case of pain in the arse. Fortunately there were 2 of us and Parco graciously loaned us ladders… first we stuck the paper draft onto the wall for placement purposes, marking the top and bottom of each letter. Another pain was; some of the text were joined and that was really difficult to stick onto the wall as they’ll fall on top of each other. This is where our handy soapy water concoction spray comes in handy. The stickers had to be kept extremely wet if not they’ll stick together. It was also a body contorting exercise as our bodies stayed flushed to the wall and foot perpendicular on the ladder. Urghh…

Violaaaaaaaaa… It is done.

We hope you’ll like our humble home and we can’t wait to see all of you on the 7th of April!!!



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