7th of April – Soft Launch. We’re open for business…

First of all, this is a little surreal yet the reality of business starts to sink in pretty fast especially when numbers are involved. However, I would like to utilise this wee area to thank all the people who helped me along the way!

Actually this journey started back in December 2009, way before I heard of the Parco NextNext Program. I was sure I was going to embark on this journey with my brother and offer something new in the market segment in terms of menswear. Things never set out or complete itself in the manner your ideals decide for you, or rather, they tend to fall in place on their own by offering a different solution or a new set of challenges along the way. But this makes for a really fun and roller-coaster ride if viewed in a “bring it on” lens of life. P.S. That Shirt on the Mannequin, was the very first shirt I’ve ever made, it got me in this program…

Thanks to:

- My Heavenly Father, without whom I wouldn’t be here. You are with me every step of the way, never once did you forget about me, but as a fallen person, I constantly forget about you in my hectic schedule.

You are still my “Boss” and I am but merely a servant entrusted to continue your work here on earth.

- Wine Magnum for the Beautiful wine crates at the shop!

Gavin Mui, Glaiza, Hannah, Zac.

- Ban Heng Long, the wood supplier who offers PINE wood, alas, I’ve found you! And for the ever friendly boss who never fails to crack me up :P

Raymond Seng

- My girlies for the Sourcing Trip, running around to all the shops, backtracking and braving the black rain! For informing me about Parco NextNext Program. Always being there for me when I needed support or just a cheering team on the sidelines. For the beautiful plants in the shop! And most importantly, understanding when to back off and when I really needed a hug.

Noni, Jean, Sab, Mok, Chin, KittyMum, Huiping, Shupiwen, Jingli.

- The Boi with the bowl-haircut whom I blasted loads of VM questions to, on FB.

Choo Chin Nian

- The architect who taught me remotely (he’s in the land of Koalas…)  how I should go about building the racks. Always make a scale model first! And thanks for putting up with my countless questions on gmail!

Yeo Puay Khoon 杨培群

- The Lumina Team for the amazing time I had at your studio!

Teck Lim, Rude Lee, Victor.

- The new Parco friends I’ve made. We share almost everything together, business strategies, car-rides, transporting goods, helping out with errands, passing messages to vendors, sharing contacts, helping out in the fittings/fashion shows/photoshoots, borrowing and lending props. Buying food and drinks, chilling out! Or even just a shoulder to cry on and a ear to bend!

Eve, Fayth, Kenji, Kenny, Lenz.

- A really amazing and generous couple who gave away advice freely and helped me go over the contracts and countless paperwork I had.

Jon & Keily

- My favourite person in this world who is so far away right now. Thanks for pushing me and realising I had the potential for all the things I never knew I could do. I wish you could be here to witness the newly minted shop and the garments and the accoutrements… there’s a time for everything right? Thanks for making sure I was properly fed with pasta and vino and for serving it to me!


- My other-half, someone who has never failed me and is and would be a woman of her words. When you say its done, it will be done. You always know what I need and never fail to encourage or offer support when I required it the most. Thanks for helping me out in fittings, running errands, someone to bounce ideas off with, a shoulder to cry on, checking up on me once in a while to see if I’m still alive, a really good sounding board, my Rock.

The girl who told me “We can build this shop, it can be done!”

You have no idea how relived I was to hear those words as I was literally at my wits end at that point in time.

We can now proudly say, “We built this with our bare hands, DIY from scratch.”


- My parents, who are in the background, silently cheering me on albeit grounding me with the harsh realities of life and that not everyone is a friend and not every foe is an enemy. Both of whom never fail to leave me food outside my door and to check if I’m alive inside my room.

Simon & Jane.

and lastly,

to whomever is reading this… if… I ever see you… Let’s hug.


Mun Foong


This really was a long read. We are all grad that you finally step out. I think this trade suits you best. Why waste thee talent when you are given such fine “hands”.


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