Its real Juicy, them apples…

Juice Magazine, March 2011

Thanks to Min and Fiona for the Feature!

and here’s the “unedited” interview for those who are interested…

1.     How did you first get into fashion designing?

My name is Mun Foong. I worked in ad agencies and design houses for several years and learned a lot from those places. The energy was high, people were eccentric, and sometimes the work showed me exactly what I didn’t want in a brand/company. The bottom line is that I felt completely unsatisfied. Then, prior to a vacation to Greece and my brother’s impending birthday, I had the crazy idea to make him a military-band inspired jacket with no idea of pattern making, fit or sewing skills. And I did, not 1 but a total of 4 styles. And the rest as they say, was history…

2.     What’s the look of your label?

Directional day wear that celebrates attention to details and textures combined with comical accessories. It aims to be effortless, modern and timeless, fun yet rather clever. All in all, the wearable side of unconventional.

3.     How does your personal style influence your label?

I feel that gender, especially in fashion, is such a construct. The difference between women and men is that women want something new all the time whereas men want pretty much the same thing, with a new detail. Working within those confines are certainly challenging to say the least. There’s still a lot of movement in the menswear segment and definitely room for innovation with regards to new shapes and definitions of accessibility. As a female, I’m attracted to certain silhouettes and styles, and certain qualities in men; wit, intelligence, humour, modesty. When I design, I try to resonate those qualities in the garments.

4.     Your hopes and dreams as a fashion designer?

Sustainability; building a company that actually makes money, can pay its way at the market rate and survive the inevitable cyclical troughs. Design is probably around 5% of the job, selling the line to the stores is business eventually. And also having the resilience to stick through the rough patches; there is no crying in business. Suck it up, try not to let my emotions get the better of me and try not to bitch about it. Surround myself with people who keep it real and spread the positivity around, don’t be stingy with it. I also believe in working within one’s limitations makes one stand out more and don’t take things too seriously. Believe.

5.     In ten years time, you would like to be…

in a position to look back at my parents and tell them… “see, I told you so!”

Mun Foong

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