One day to the launch…

Who knew stock taking and inventory keeping could be stress inducing?!! Add that onto steaming out creases and ironing the collars and cuffs and then tagging all clothes and stocks alike. Re-filling the iron and steamer countless times as they expand so much water due to our abuse! And having to use the 1st floor washroom as the 2nd floor was off-limits after retail-hours!!!

Followed by accessorising the shop in an aesthetically appealing and inviting manner. Arranging and re-arranging the plants, making sure they are fed properly. Moving the accessories around thinking about the ease of shopping in VM (Visual Merchandising) theory. Finally clearing all debris and sweeping and wiping all surfaces just to make them spiffy for opening day…

And… we’re almost done!

This is our Friendly Wayward Wannabe on loan from Kenji, he’s wearing one of our reversible bow-ties. What do you guys think?


A.K.A Crew

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