This started off as a journal of sorts for the fashion label A.K.A Wayward, and it still is, but now with more “Sauce.”

Intrinsically, we’re a collective of Individuals who are inspired by life and are actively interested in it.

Mun Foong | munfoong@akawayward.comHi! I design for A.K.A Wayward. Prior to that, I worked@Ad agencies and design houses. I’m also a eyeliner freak, accessory bandit and I really think sneakers are underrated. I never understood how girls could go on dates in heels?!

Mun Loong | munloong@akawayward.comHandles the unglamorous side of A.K.A Wayward. Not a NERD but cultivating an unhealthy obsession for coffee and wine. By day, he makes games…

Sabrina | sabrinaktt@hotmail.comI have been wanting to be that person that is simple; living and appreciating the simple pleasures of life, meet people who are beautiful, inside and out. In short, eat, drink, pray and love is how i aim to live my life

Nomotto | jtanese@gmail.comThis illustrates a kid living in a full-grown woman’s body who refused to succumb to the rules of life… seeks eternal freedom and peace.

Agnes.lxy | agnlim@gmail.comI’ve grown attached to being just “bleah…” its a simple word which carries more then just one meaning. However, its too ambiguous and the creator of the blog has been giving me reminders, so here’s a bit more about me as a writer who loves to bleah… about what’s in my nutshell. Here’s what I am: a woman / a sister / a child / a nature lover / a explorer / a adventurer / a designer / a self-professed writer / an aunt of 4 / / a branding officer / a dreamer / a dog lover / a poetic seeker / a loyal friend / a hardworking helper / a righteous person / a bummer / a good kisser / a keen learner / a romance at heart / a professional at work / a seamstress / a swimmer / a marathoner want-to-be / a wip christian / a believer in good / a cook / a teacher / a critic / a photographer / a student / a potter /


hi can i have a store location for your products?


thecrew Reply:

@Nick, Hi there! Our shop (#P2-30A just next to the cashier) will begin operations on 7th of April!


posted by Nick on 03.21.11 at 2:35 pm

hey, the jacket james seah was wearing looks great. u still carry it? how much?

also the beige jacket in ur catalogue wif the pens in the breast pocket. hilarious! how much?

i’m a 42. mny tx



A.K.A Crew Reply:

@matt, Hi!!! That jacket James wore is from Coupe Cousu, check them out here http://www.facebook.com/coupecousu.

And as for the jacket in the catalogue; ASS11.J001 Biscuit Lapel Jacket (comes in Navy too) $129.
You can wear our Medium Size :D


posted by matt on 06.22.11 at 5:25 pm

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