Good Wood Hunting

A year of firsts! Building our very own "Roasting-Spit" clothing rack, making a scale model, wood hunting and Trigonometry!!!

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Its real Juicy, them apples…

In ten years time, you would like to be… in a position to look back at my parents and tell them... "see, I told you so!"

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Write your way to a potential suitor? thumbnail image

Write your way to a potential suitor?

This is something I wrote for my copywriting course assignment. A headline and a short body copy to "sell" a female to a potential mate at a dating agency. It was the 1st assignment and a fun one so thought I'll share this "bleah…" with you....

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Media Session @ Octa Hotel

13 new designers giving a sneak preview of their SS2011 collection, retailing in Parco from 7th of April......

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SS2011 Test shoot…

A race against the setting sun......

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In the meanwhile…

A.k.A Wayward's Launch collection "Wayward, Eat your Apples!" coming to you in April 2011, Parco Marina Bay. Check back here in a few days for photo updates :D See you all real ...

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Business cards are finally here…

The design premise was : clean, tight, simple and carried through with the colour and feel of my brand. I also wanted a substantial and tactile card which makes the receiver hesitant to just chuck it away.

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We’re on Manja…

It has been a whirlwind of a year, but well worth it.

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Trans-cool TOKYO @ 8Q

Today, we went to 8Q for a documentary film on Yayoi Kusama: I Love Me. She's an eccentric artist best known for her explorations of polka dots, detailed illustrations & installation works and not forgetting the pumpkin sculpture.

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Octa Hotel thumbnail image

Octa Hotel

Veterans of the trade.

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