A Curious Teepee – Sundays

We're all really HAPPY for you Larry!!!

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Next Next Phenomena (Parco)

We would like to THANK all the peeps who came down to support our local designers!

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Strip Strip Strip!!!

Steaming hot... literally

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Shack it up 3 Inch!

After being tortured by MF during the shoot yesterday, I was plied with burgers, fries and two large slices of chocolicious delight.

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A.K.A Wayward Test Shoot

For this shoot, we've decided to take inspiration from Aesop Fables, the idea of storytelling...

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PARCO Mission Trip Oct 2010 – Werk

All Work and lots of play makes MF a hyper babe.

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PARCO Mission Trip Oct 2010 – Party

居酒屋! 居酒屋! 居酒屋! 居酒屋! 居酒屋!

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PARCO Mission Trip Oct 2010 – Food

I just wished all my friends could be here with me, however, I made loads of new friends!!! They will be my "crew" for the next 18 months, day in and out, trudging through the trenches together...

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Art + Nature = A work of art thumbnail image

Art + Nature = A work of art

For all art-fanatic, Hakone Open-Air Museum will be the place to visit. There are numerous pieces of sculptures arranged harmoniously within the rolling hills, crowned by the cyan blue sky and clothed with the mountainous view. If God have created paradise on earth, this would be one of it.

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nippon thumbnail image


My wonderland for sourcing vintage clothes, toy collectibles and home decors.

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